Growing Up Too Quickly?

Parties. My little cousin had a Roblox-themed birthday party that I attended this past weekend.
It got me thinking about how as you got older, you tend to drift away from your family. Stop going to family gatherings because you think “I don’t have enough time.” It may have to do with the fact that people ,who stop going to family parties, are adults, they are living on their own.


They have other things that they need to take care of because they are grown-ups. They have work, college to worry about, and a life to build. Then you are faced with distractions and you forget about everything else. Why does this happen? One moment you are a little kid, you did not have any worries. You don’t even notice when it happened but you grew up. Some of you may be thinking, “I haven’t grown up.” Perhaps you haven’t, but there will always be that part of you that remains a kid for the rest of your life. I believe that when you around your family, you feel more comfortable. You don’t worry about them making you feel small. You are around people who you trust, and sometimes you need to be reminded that you have people to talk to.

My cousin  turned eleven this weekend. I remember when I was eleven, wanting to be a teenager because I thought it was so cool. Now that I am fifteen, I wish I was younger. I want to go back to kindergarten or first grade where I only had to color for homework. Now, I have lots of homework and I am stressed about everything even though it really isn’t stressful. My cousin also really loves playing Roblox. He had a Roblox cake, Roblox invitation cards, andhe plays it all the time. Life is so distracting nowadays with all the technology and problems you are given. Kids are already backing away from their lives because technology is taking over their lives. He did play for a while but then he engaged with those around him which I thought was a good thing. So I suggest putting down your technological device away for a little bit; You only have a little time in this world, I would spend it surrounded with the people you love. Do you think you are growing up too quickly?


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